Let’s pretend y’all are all watching the greatest comedy on TV right now, The Mindy Project, and that you were also taken back as much as I was by the episode entitled “Mindy Lahiri as a White Man.” The episode, in case you missed it or don’t have a Hulu account, starts out with Mindy not getting a second interview for a job basically because she is a woman. She then wishes she was a white man and you know how it goes in Mindyworld, she wakes up a white man, Michael Lancaster.

The first part of episode is filled with moments all girls think of what would you do as a guy. Waking up and being ready in 2 minutes (but seriously what do guys do with all that free time?), just having a penis in general (what does it feel like just hanging there?), easily getting attention when trying to speak to a room full of people, not being judged by your appearance, etc.

The episode then moves onto Michael (Aka Mindy, keep up) figuring out he (she?) is able to use the ease of commanding a room to help someone who cannot easily speak up for themselves. He then wonders why all people with a voice don’t speak up for others. This scene, coming post a man pulling a Mindy eating sour straws on the floor, was not cheesy, but natural.

I think the episode brought something important to the forefront when bringing up gender biases. When Michael makes a lame joke and everyone laughs, he (Mindy) gets confused instantly. Some women, I think myself included sometimes, are so self-aware. I think it causes us to hold ourselves back and lose confidence when trying to speak to a group of people or have an important conversation.

This episode reminds me why I love this show so much. Mindy and the entire cast/writers are so hilarious, but they’re so socially aware. They don’t overdo it trying to bring up sexism or politics, but they do bring it up. They bring up uncomfortable topics, but with Mindy’s spin on it to make sure Morgan is being weird/gross and Mindy is being confident/crazy at the same time.

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