This Week in Pop…

I tweet a lot about my pop culture interests and it isn’t enough. (but if you don’t follow me, you totally should @kenzdoyle) So I wanted to do a weekly recap of what I think was a big deal/important/a historyney moment/whatevs.

I missed last week and a lot happened, so I’m including last week towards the bottom because THE BACHELOR.

Tinashe drops a new pop anthem, FLAME!

My baby queen Tinashe finally dropped her new single Flame and boy is it the pop anthem I was hoping she would drop. I think Tinashe should be a thousand, million times more popular than she is. I know there has been so much going back and forth with the release of Joyride and I think she needed a radio smash, like Flame, to get some circulation going before Joyride drops.

Flame is a red hot, radio hit that hopefully is a huge radio hit. I hope the song has a hot, hot video coming out soon. Between a good video and a radio friendly track, she can attract the large audience she deserves. Drop the video baby queen.

Kim K. W. Talks the Paris Robbery

I won’t lie, I love Kim Kardashian West. I think she’s beautiful and funny, not gonna deny it. When I heard about the robbery, I felt so sad for her and her family. Something like that is one of my biggest fears because I really have no idea what you would do. Immediately after it happened, some late night hosts and media said it was all staged and a publicity stunt. As if Kim needed more publicity, but ok. I feel Jimmy Fallon and a few others definitely owe her a public, sincere apology.

Hearing Kim say she had to mentally prepare to be raped…it really made my heart drop, regardless if you like her or not, that truly is an awful thing to feel is about to happen to you. Then when Kim is saying she hoped Kourtney had a normal life after finding her dead body, it truly makes you understand exactly how horrifying the situation was for her.

I think Kim discussing this in a confessional on KUWTK was a smart move. Her words didn’t get taken out of context, she got to say what she wanted and the final editing was up to her and producers she is comfortable with.

Beauty & The Beast!!!!

I cannot say enough about Beauty & The Beast. I loved the cartoon growing up like almost every kid my age. I would sing every song at the top of my lungs and think reading in a fancy dress made me Belle. I was so excited when it seemed the live-action/CGI remake would be good. With Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen getting cast, it meant it would be good even if it was bad. But I really didn’t think it would be this good. Be Our Guest y’all, the Be Our Guest scene. It was just all so great.

I think Josh Gad as LeFou was AMAZING. He usually annoys me in movies he isn’t doing just a voiceover, but he was so perfect for this role. He shined during the Gaston bit. Emma Watson was great as Belle to me, I still don’t get why she had her accent throughout the movie but no one else had an accent and they were in France. I think the best was Kevin Kline as Maurice. He was per.

The changes were small enough that they didn’t really bug me. Yes, there were a lot of new songs, but Disney songs are the BEST, even they’re not sang by Ariana & John. I highly, highly recommend and plan on seeing a second time.

The Bachelor: Nick Gets Engaged (FOUR SEASONS LATER…)

So like most of Bachelor Nation(the cynical half at least), I was kind of hoping Nick would pull a Juan Pablo and not get engaged at all. But he decided enough was enough, he met the girl of his (bachelor series) dreams! It came down to small town girl, boutique owner Raven and Canadian teacher/actress Vanessa…and were we stunned by his choice? I was a little bit actually.

Nick finally got down on one knee with a Neil Lane diamond for Miss Vanessa Grimaldi! They both looked deeply happy during the proposal and hopefully Raven got to keep some of those puppies from her date.

I will put out a disclaimer, I did not really like Vanessa all season so I didn’t really pay attention to her until the hometown date. I found her boring and plain, but I think some cheesy pasta was distracting me. I felt he had more of a visible connection with Raven, but maybe they just had flirting and no real conversation. Either way, we’re safe for now y’all, Nick Viall won’t be on another season of the Bachelor.

The Bachelorette…starts?!

Continuing with The Bachelor-esque recap, when we were watching After the Final Rose, Chris Harrison said he had a big surprise and BOY he meant he had an AWKWARD surprise. He brought out Rachel to discuss her upcoming season of The Bachelorette and then ambushed her by introducing her to four of the men who will be vying for her love this season.

I felt some of the guys were awkward, but there was one standout that I felt had a real, instant connection with Rachel. As awkward and ambushed as it felt, the limo moments are my favorite part of the show to be honest. So I was pretty happy to get it a few in early. I can’t wait to start the season with Rachel!

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