Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts!

Now that you can delete Apple pre-installed apps, most of y’all may have deleted the Podcast app, but let me tell you that was a mistake. Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite things to do while I’m on my morning/evening commute, doing some busy work on the computer or working out.

There’s literally a podcast for everything, cooking, pop culture, true crime, politics, current events, relationships, traveling, Bravo TV, literally ANYTHING. If you don’t listen to one, definitely scroll through the Top Podcast list on the Apple app. I listen to so many different ones, but I wanted to make a list of my Top 5. They’re all over the place, but so are my interests.


Pod Save America is a News & Politics podcast. Four former aides to President Obama discuss, freely and maybe even outrageously at times, politics, the press, current events and difficulties posed by the new administration. Often joined by journalists, comedians and activists, the podcast is a great thing to listen to in the morning to get informed and up to date on our current political climate.

They’re currently doing some live shows, coming to LA in May! I definitely plan on going. If you’re not so into our current president and administration, this is a great podcast for you. It’s one of many podcasts the guys run through Crooked Media. They also have Pod Save the World, Lovett or Leave it and With Friends Like These.

If you feel the news is a little crazy and you’d rather tune in from time to time than be overwhelmed every day, Pod Save America is an easy way to catch up.


Sword & Scale is quite the heavy, true crime podcast. I am so interested in true crime, I remember watching a documentary about Charles Manson when I was super young and just have always been fascinated since. This podcast is extremely detailed, well researched and addictive, if you’re into true crime.

Each episode runs over an hour and usually sticks to one topic. Some episodes are extremely graphic and disturbing, and I mean disturbing. Those episodes have an explicit rating and a warning before the episode even begins. There are episodes about crimes we all unfortunately remember, such as the Santa Barbara shooting, or crimes I somehow never heard about, yet now have lost sleep over, google Ronald William Brown if you’re feeling brave.

To say the host, Mike Boudet, is amazing is an understatement. He creates the most heinous, and clearly overlooked, crimes each episode. He stitches together audio clips, news clips, interviews, the creepiest, most suspenseful music and interviews along with his commentary to give you each evil case. All of the episodes are so well researched and detailed, you want to find more when it’s over, but he’s already covered everything.

If you’re intro true crime, you will obsess over this podcast. If you can’t stomach anything eerie or gory, this may be one you skip over.


Sex with Emily is podcast all about sex, dating tips and relationship advice. Dr. Emily Morse started the podcast in 2005 and yes, it’s mostly about sex. Emily is so funny and has such a sweet voice, I always feel like she’s just a friend you’re talking to even though you’re just listening to her. She always has great guests, whether it’s other sex experts or just comedians. If you live in LA and have the radio, Menace from the Woody Show is a regular guest!

Sex with Emily has SO many episodes since it started so long ago, you can always search through episodes to find a topic you’re interested in or listen to them all. She really comes across as the sweetest person and makes everything feel so comfortable if sex isn’t something you’re out in the open talking about with your friends. Plus, it’s a podcast so no one will know you’re listening if you don’t want them to πŸ˜‰


Do you like true crime but also some humor? The ladies at My Favorite Murder are here for you. I have never listened to this podcast and not laughed. My Favorite Murder is a true crime podcast, but it’s two women who really aren’t true crime experts, just some fellow true crime enthusiasts. The giros, Georgia and Karen, record their show in Georgia’s apartment. There may be a fourth of each episode talking about something off topic, but they feel like your friends you’re having a casual conversation with.

Each episode is about an hour and a half to two hours, where each host picks a murder and they discuss. This isn’t a super well-researched podcast, this is a series where the hosts are just talking the way you and your friends do. Some episodes are crimes we’re all pretty familiar with, even if true crime isn’t your thing, while some episodes are crimes that are so outlandish, that I’ve somehow never heard of. If you’ve ever wondered how Australia’s gun laws came to be, there’s an episode for that!

The girls often apologize for any errors in the following episode, but the podcast is really meant to be a comedic, informal podcast.


If you love true crime and comedy, but still well-researched, The Last Podcast on the Left is for you. This show is run by some amazing, hilarious guys, Henry, Marcus and Ben. It’s a weekly podcast focusing on various topics, such as serial killers, cults, conspiracy theories, and more. There are episodes focusing on Ted Bundy (over a few episodes), 9/11, Jim Jones, Vampires, UFOs, and more.

Last Podcast on the Left is definitely more of a comedy podcast than anything else. The subjects sometimes are heavy, disturbing and weird. Each episode runs from an hour to a few hours, over multiple episodes if necessary. The guys are sooooo funny, you will laugh majority of the episode you’re listening to. They make the FUNNIEST voices doing impressions of their subject. It’s hard to listen to this one on the down low because you literally laugh out loud.


Those are definitely my Top 5 podcasts over the last year or two, but I definitely listen to more than just those. I listen to a few on pop culture, The PHP and Some Like it Pop are both great. I know, I’m saying i like something Perez Hilton, blah. But it is really great if you enjoy a recap of pop culture. I listen to Bill Baher’s show, Real Time, uploaded as a podcast. How Did This Get Made is hilarious, they literally discuss how did this movie get made.

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